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SMART Communications is a member of the PLDT Group and the mobile communications operator with the largest subscriber base in the Philippines. SMART was instrumental in transforming the cellular phone from a status symbol into a widely available product. It has a wide array of services and it won the 2001 GSM Association Award for Best GSM Service for Customers.

Globe Telecom is the successful venture of the Ayala Group, Singapore Telecom International, and Deutsche Telekom. Globe is considered a global pioneer and a leading innovator in the promoting person to person and value added SMS as a major loyalty and revenue generator.

Talk 'N Text by Piltel is a subsidiary of dominant carrier Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT). Piltel's GSM service is marketed under the brand name Talk N' Text which has become very popular with the budget conscious youth market.

Touch Mobile is powered by Globe Telecom's technology and network. Touch Mobile addresses the consumer segment in the broad middle-class category emphasizing family-orientation.

Sun Cellular is operated by Digitel, a telephone company owned by the JG Summit Group, one of the Philippines' major business groups. It launched its GSM service in April 2003.

Red mobile is offered to you by Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise, Inc (CURE) – a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

Smart: Ask for a FREE LOAD

With SMART and TALK ‘N TEXT, you can now ask for load and pasaload from your friends and loved ones.

How to Ask for load with SMART BUDDY or TALK ‘N TEXT account

1, dial *808 followed by the 11-digit mobile phone number of your friend.
2. Press a call button,

Example: if your friends’ mobile phone number is 0917 111 1111, just call *80809171111111

*808 + your friend’s 11digits Smart or TALK 'N TEXT mobile phone number
(Example: *80809171234567)


Pasaload on Smart

Smart Buddy can transfer load to any Smart Buddy mobile phone. All load expiration varies by amount. Please consult Smart for current expiration.

1. Text-in the mobile number space and the amount
2. Send to 808

Share a load on Globe

Globe Plan, Globe Prepaid and Touch Mobile subscribers can transfer load to anyone on Globe Prepaid and Touch Mobile. All load expiration varies by amount. Please consult Globe for current expirations. You can also text HELP to 2916 for assistance.

1. Text-in amount.
2. Send the text to "2" plus your friend's 10-digit phone number (P1.00 per send).

Example: 2917xxxxxxx

3. You and your friend will receive a message confirming the successful reload.
4. After the first load, you will receive a text message prompting for a 4-digit PIN. Use it to protect your phone against unauthorized loading.
5. Starting with your next load, text in amount and 4-digit PIN.

Example: 5 1234

Give a Load on Sun Cellular

Sun postpaid or prepaid subscribers can send load to anyone, of any amount from one peso (P1.00) to twenty pesos (P20.00). All load expiration varies by amount. Please consult Sun for current expirations and fees for transfer. You can also text HELP to 2292

1.Text amount (P1- P20) 11-digit mobile number
2.Send to 2292

Example: 3 09223214567




Example: 09181234567 [Amount]


Pinakamarami Ang Matetext
Kaya Walang Tigil Ang Saya!


wan to sawang SMART-to-SMART at SMART-to-TNT
texting sa pinakamalaking prepaid network sa bansa!

Plus may 10 free texts pa
to other networks!

lamang na lamang dahil may dagdag pang sampung libreng texts sa iba!

To Register, text UNLI25 to 258

Pinatindi na rin ang paborito ninyong


P20 = 100 texts SMART to SMART / Talk 'N Text & 10 texts to other networks
Text AT20 to 2827
Promo runs until March 31, 2009. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 5310, Series of 2008.


P40 = 200 texts SMART to SMART / Talk 'N Text & 20 texts to other networks

Text AT40 to 2827

Promo runs until March 31, 2009. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 5347, Series of 2008.


P50 = 300 texts SMART to SMART / Talk 'N Text & 30 texts to other networks

Text AT50 to 2827

Ang P2 mo, may 1 minute na dito. Kaya lamang na lamang ka talaga!
Dahil dito, ang P20 may 10-minute worth of calls na pwedeng gamitin
tuloy-tuloy o paminu-minuto. May 5 free texts pa!*

At para sa mas tuloy-tuloy na kuwentuhan, may


• 60 minutes worth of calls • FREE 30 texts* • Good for five (5) days
To register: Text 100 to 909

Angat ako D2! Me na Me talaga!

Valid for 1 day only. P1.00 balance must be maintained
* Smart to Smart / Talk 'N Text

Promo period is valid until May 31, 2009.
Per DTI- NCR Permit No.3396, Series of 2008


P10 for 3 minutes or P15 for 5 minutes

Just dial *883+ SMART/ Talk 'N Text number


Globe Unlimited Texting Services Philippines

Walang ka-SIM sulit! Get Globe's newest and lowest priced Starter Prepaid SIM for only P45 and enjoy the following:

  1. Worldwidest Services
  2. Text Promos
  3. P0.10 Kada Segundo Local Calls
  4. Super Tipid IDD Promos
  5. Share-A-Load Pa-piso-piso

This SIM comes with FREE 25 SMS to all networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Globe Starter Prepaid SIM?

    The Globe Starter SIM is Globe’s newest and lowest priced prepaid SIM at only P45.

  2. What are the features of the Globe Starter SIM?

    The Globe Starter SIM has the following features:

    1. Over-The-Air (OTA) Capable (i.e. you can download BPI Mobile Banking Menu, etc.)
    2. 250 Phonebook Entries
    3. 40 SMS Inbox Capacity
  3. Does the Globe Starter SIM have any pre-loaded FREE texts?

    Yes. The Globe Starter SIM is pre-loaded with 25 FREE SMS that can be used to text all networks.

  4. Can I use the pre-loaded 25 FREE SMS to register to SULITXT or UNLITXT?

    No. The pre-loaded 25 FREE SMS cannot be used to register to SULITXT or UNLITXT.

    You should have sufficient prepaid credit of at least P15.00 plus P1.00 required maintaining balance for SuliTxt 15 or at least P20.00 for UnliTxt plus P1.00 required maintaining balance.

  5. Does the Globe Starter SIM have International Roaming capability?

    Yes. The Globe Starter SIM has International Roaming capabilities. However, just like the other Globe SIM cards, the roaming capability of the Starter SIM is not pre-activated.

  6. Where can I purchase the Globe Starter SIM?

    The Starter Prepaid SIM is available in all Globe Business Centers and all SIM retailers nationwide.


  • Globe UNLITXT
    Globe Unlimited Texting Services Philippines
  • Globe Unlimited Texting Services.
  • The all new Globe Unlimited Texting Service (UNLITXT and TXTPLUS) is open to both Globe Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers including AMAX Retailer SIMs and G2P-Prepaid Mode.
  • Dayshift, (UNLITXTD), Nightshift (UNLITXTN) and TXTPLUSCL are open to Globe Prepaid only
  • Only text to Globe subscribers is covered by UNLITXT, UNLITXTD, UNLITXTN and TXTPLUSCL. Text to TM subscribers is considered text to other networks
  • For G2P subscribers, a registered Postpaid subscriber will be able to use Globes Unlimited Texting Services even if he/she shifts to Prepaid mode via G2P. No need to register again
  • Text INFO to 2870 for FREE.
  • Minimum P1 balance is required

  • Globe SULITXT15
    P10 for 3 minutes globe calls philippines
  • SULITXT15 for 1 day - Globe Prepaid subscribers will be able to send 100 Globe-to-Globe Text Messages good for 1 whole day with Globe Sulitxt!
  • Text GSULITXT 15 to 2868 to register!
  • Activation is within 6 hours from registration.
  • Please wait for the confirmation message that will be sent to you regarding activation.
  • P15 will be automatically deducted from your account upon registration.
  • A minimum of P15 load is required for registration and the system will not be able to process your request if your load is below P15
  • You need to maintain a P1 minimum balance in order to continuously enjoy your Globe SULITXT subscription
  • Text GSULITXT to 2868 for more information.


    1. Is there a minimum load balance to avail of Globe's Tawag236?

      You only need PhP20.00 in your account to avail of Tawag236. If you don't have at least PhP20.00 load, you will not be able to make the call.

    2. What will be the rate if my call goes over 20 minutes?

      Your call will be terminated at the end of the 20th minute. You will need to redial to resume the conversation this time at the regular rate. You can also avail of Tawag236 again.

    3. How much will I be charged if my call is under 20 minutes?

      You will be charged the full PhP20 even if the call is under 20 minutes.

    4. Is there a maximum number of times I can avail of Tawag236?

      No, you can avail of Tawag236 as often as you want as long as you have at least PhP20.00 in your account to make the call.

    Call & Text Unlimited
    Unlimited Local Sun-to-Sun Calls & Texts
    24 Hours a Day, Seven Days A Week : Call and Text All You Want!

    Text Unlimited
    Unlimited Local Sun-to-Sun Texts with Free Sun-to-Sun calls
    Enjoy Unlimited Texting with up to Four Hours of Free Voice with Sun Cellular's 24/7 Text Unlimited.

    Call & Text Combo

    Sun Cellular gives you the most economical reload product in the country!
    To make reloading easier and more convenient, Sun Cellular
    offers three (3) reloading options for Call and Text Combo:

    - Xpressload Electronic Re-load
    - Load Conversion
    - Give-A-Load


    Unbeatable deal from Sun Cellular --- for only P5, get to send
    10 texts to your friends in other networks for 1 day! At sa P20 naman,
    meron ka ng 40 texts to other networks valid naman for 5 days!
    Perfect partners ng Sun Unlimited products

    Daylite Call and Text Unlimited
    Daylite Call & Text Unlimited is Sun Cellular's service that allows you
    to enjoy 18 hours of Sun-to-Sun call and text for 7 days at only P100.
    To make reloading easier and more convenient, Sun Cellular
    offers two (2) reloading options for Daylite Call and Text Unlimited:

    - Xpressload Electronic Re-load
    - Load Conversion

    SIM Packs
    Experience UNLIMITED FUN!

    Check out Sun’s latest SIMs all packed with value-added services that suit your communication needs. Sun is the only one that gives you free voice calls just by activating your new SIM! With your Sun SIM, you can load any Regular, Call & Text Unlimited, Text Unlimited, Call & Text Combo or Budgetxt variants. You can call abroad at very low rates, download ringtones and send multimedia messages! How’s that for great value?

    With the Sun Call and Text International SIM, you can send international text to any number and any network in 20 countries(1) for only ONE PESO. You can also enjoy US$0.10/min IDD call rate to 10 countries (2) and US$0.20/min IDD call rate to 20 countries (3).
    1. USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Macau, Japan, Qatar, Brunei, Guam, Hawaii, Oman, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Turkey, Northern Marianas Islands, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico.
    2. USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Guam, and Macau
    3. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Indonesia, Hawaii, Kuwait, Bahrain, Germany, Spain, Israel, France, Greece, Jordan, Northern Marianas Islands, and Cyprus
    With the Sun Cellular Super Value Sim Pack, you can enjoy Unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and texts for 2 days, 10 free texts to other networks and full access to Value Added Services.
    With Sun Super Combo SIM, you automatically have 2 FREE Call & Text Combo 10, valid for 2 days! That’s 20 minutes Sun-to-Sun calls and 100 texts (80 texts Sun-to-Sun and 20 texts to other networks) valid for 2 days.


    P10 = 45 texts to Talk ‘N Text/Smart
    + 5 texts to all networks!

    Promo runs until March 31, 2009.
    Per DTI- NCR Permit No. 4755, Series of 2008.

    P20 = 95 texts to Talk ‘N Text/Smart
    + 10 texts to all networks!

    Promo runs until March 31, 2009.
    Per DTI-NCR Permit no. 4757, Series of 2008.

    P20 = 50 texts to all networks!

    To register: Type CALL15 (space) Talk ‘N Text o Smart Buddy number na tatawagan at i-send sa 2942.

    P20 = 3 calls to Talk ‘N Text or Smart Buddy for 3 minutes each


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    Get quick access to your Philhealth account!
    To check member’s claim application status,
    text PHIC CLAIMSTAT , to 2960. Ex: PHIC CLAIMSTAT Cruz, Juan 12302004-01052005

    To get your Philhealth PIN number,
    text PHIC PIN , to 2960. Ex: PHIC PIN Cruz, Juan 10181962
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    Get Lotto results via text!
    To get the day’s lotto results, text LOTTO to 288.
    To subscribe to daily lotto results, text LOTTO ON to 288.
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    To get more information on the Lotto service, send LOTTO HELP to 288.
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    Touch Mobile (TM) is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, the second largest telecommunications company in the Philippines. Touch Mobile was launched on September 12, 2001 as a family-centric value brand for Broad CD market. Since then, it has fine-tuned its services to cater to D/E subs with a special focus on blue-collar users (hence the new Power Piso offer).

    Touch Mobile is powered by Globe Telecom's technology and network. Touch Mobile addresses the consumer segment in the broad middle-class category emphasizing family-orientation.

    Press Release Date: May 15, 2008
    Globe To Manage TM Subscribers

    "The NTC approved the assignment by wholly-owned subsidiary Innove Communications of its Touch Mobile consumer prepaid subscriber contracts in favor of Globe Telecom."

    This means that Globe Telecom would be managing all migrated consumer mobile subscribers of TM, in addition to existing Globe subscribers.


    Cash-In and Cash-Out functions as a low-cost remittance service offered by the rural banking industry. The service gives clients a more convenient and low-cost option to existing international and local money transfer services such as Western Union, Uniteller, Pera Padala, LBC and bank-to bank-fund transfers. Anyone who is a GCASH registered Globe or Touch Mobile subscriber can send money phone to phone anytime of the day, even on Sundays and holidays. The Cash-In/Out service can also be used for facilitating cash management of the bank and inter-branch and inter-bank fund transfers.

    • Globe or Touch Mobile subscribers
    • Download GCASH Menu
    • Clients can Cash-In or Cash-Out at accredited GCASH outlets
    • Enrollment is no longer required for this service
    • To perform GCASH transaction in other outlets other than the bank, please visit Globe Website at

    Cash-In Procedures:

    1. Visit your nearest Rural Bank branch
    2. Fill up the GCASH Service Form and submit it to the teller/cashier along with valid ID for verification.
    3. Pay Cash (Cash-In amount + applicable service fee) to the Cashier or Teller
    4. Cashier or Teller will send you GCASH to you or to the intended recipient equivalent to the Cash-In amount paid
    5. Bank will receive a confirmation message. You or your recipient will also receive a notification message with the same reference number
    6. Take official receipt (for the charges if applicable) and copy of the GCASH service form from Bank

    Cash-Out Procedures:
    7. Visit your nearest Rural Bank branch
    8. Fill up the GCASH Service Form and submit to the teller/cashier along with valid ID for verification.
    9. Ask for the mobile phone number that the bank-branch uses for GCASH transactions
    10. Send your GCASH to the MOBILE PHONE NUMBER given by the Cashier or Teller
    11. Cashier or Teller will pay you Cash (Cash-out amount less applicable service charge)
    12. You receive a notification message. Bank will also receive a confirmation message with the same reference number.
    13. Take official receipt (for the charges) and copy of the GCASH service form from Bank


    Red mobile is the newest prepaid network in the country today, and is powered by the nation-widest 3G network. We are committed to delivering the best rates through our lowest per minute call rates and affordable text/mms rates.

    Why pay more for unlimited that only frustrates you with spotty signals, dropped calls and choppy conversations? red mobile’s P0.50 per minute offer (even if it is just the amount left on the subscriber’s account), ensures an undisrupted, clear and good-to-the-last-drop calls.

    Our Network
    Powered by a countrywide 3G network, red mobile is available nationwide. 3G allows us to give you clearer calls, better signals, and even better value for money service.

    Our Corporate Profile
    red mobile is offered to you by Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprise, Inc (CURE) – a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

    • Php0.50 per minute call rate between Red Mobile to Red Mobile SIM.
    • SIM card is sold at Php39 each. Each SIM is pre-loaded with Php10 or an equivalent of 20 minutes of RM-RM calls.
    • 3G browsing rates is P7.50 for every 15 mins or an equivalent Php30 per hour.
    • Php10 minimum load denomination.

    Lowest per minute rate in the country!

    Voice Calls


    • red mobile to red mobile

    P 0.50 / min

    • red mobile to other networks

    P 6.50 / min

    Text Rates

    • red mobile to red mobile

    P 0.50 / text

    • red mobile to other networks

    P 1.00 / text


    • red mobile to red mobile

    P 0.50 / MMS

    Video Call

    • red mobile to red mobile

    P 0.50 / min

    • red mobile to other networks

    P 6.50 / min

    Mobile Internet

    • WAP Browsing

    P7.50 for every 15 mins

    • You can load your red mobile SIM in 3 easy ways:

    • red mobile Call and Text Card

    P100 red mobile Call and Text Card
    Valid for 10 days

    P300 red mobile Call and Text Card
    Valid for 60 days

    • red mobile Electronic Load

    • Load Value


      P10 1 day
      P20 2 days
      P30 3 days
      P50 5 days
      P100 10 days
      P200 30 days
      P300 60 days
      P500 60 days

      Load for as low as P10 in load outlets nationwide!

    • red mobile Send-A-Load

      • Send load for as low as P2 from your red mobile cellphone to your friends and loved ones’ red mobile cellphone!
      • Just follow these easy steps
        • Text friend’s 11-digit cellphone # amount and send to 9981
        • Your friend will receive a text notification once send-a-load has been successful
        • Available denominations are:
        • Load Value


          P2 1 day
          P5 1 day
          P10 1 day
          P15 1 day
          P20 1 day
          P30 1 day
          P60 2 days

          *Note: There is P1.00 transaction fee for every Send-A-Load sent. The amount of load transferred plus P1.00 will be deducted from the sender’s airtime balance



    Chikka | Still the Best Way to Send Free Text Messages
    Chikka is still the best way to send free SMS to mobile phones from your computer.
    Chikka Text Messenger™ Version 4
    Just need to send free text?
    Click here to get Chikka for Windows
    and get seamless SMS and MMS messaging
    between PC and mobiles. - Send Free SMS to all network. Meet friends and txtmates. offers free sms to all network in thePhilippines, mobile community that offers mobile game downloads, live chat and watch video.
    Send SMS to Philippines - Text Message - Try international text
    Philippines - Send SMS and MMS picture messages.
    Send SMS and MMS picture messages. Text message to Philippines
    mobile phones from any computer worldwide.



    TRAVEL SITE - ASIA - My Philippines
    Please help promote the Philippines. FREE to POST ADS, PHOTOS,
    Events and Articles about your HOMETOWN.