Globe Unlimited Texting Services Philippines

Walang ka-SIM sulit! Get Globe's newest and lowest priced Starter Prepaid SIM for only P45 and enjoy the following:

  1. Worldwidest Services
  2. Text Promos
  3. P0.10 Kada Segundo Local Calls
  4. Super Tipid IDD Promos
  5. Share-A-Load Pa-piso-piso

This SIM comes with FREE 25 SMS to all networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Globe Starter Prepaid SIM?

    The Globe Starter SIM is Globe’s newest and lowest priced prepaid SIM at only P45.

  2. What are the features of the Globe Starter SIM?

    The Globe Starter SIM has the following features:

    1. Over-The-Air (OTA) Capable (i.e. you can download BPI Mobile Banking Menu, etc.)
    2. 250 Phonebook Entries
    3. 40 SMS Inbox Capacity
  3. Does the Globe Starter SIM have any pre-loaded FREE texts?

    Yes. The Globe Starter SIM is pre-loaded with 25 FREE SMS that can be used to text all networks.

  4. Can I use the pre-loaded 25 FREE SMS to register to SULITXT or UNLITXT?

    No. The pre-loaded 25 FREE SMS cannot be used to register to SULITXT or UNLITXT.

    You should have sufficient prepaid credit of at least P15.00 plus P1.00 required maintaining balance for SuliTxt 15 or at least P20.00 for UnliTxt plus P1.00 required maintaining balance.

  5. Does the Globe Starter SIM have International Roaming capability?

    Yes. The Globe Starter SIM has International Roaming capabilities. However, just like the other Globe SIM cards, the roaming capability of the Starter SIM is not pre-activated.

  6. Where can I purchase the Globe Starter SIM?

    The Starter Prepaid SIM is available in all Globe Business Centers and all SIM retailers nationwide.


  • Globe UNLITXT
    Globe Unlimited Texting Services Philippines
  • Globe Unlimited Texting Services.
  • The all new Globe Unlimited Texting Service (UNLITXT and TXTPLUS) is open to both Globe Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers including AMAX Retailer SIMs and G2P-Prepaid Mode.
  • Dayshift, (UNLITXTD), Nightshift (UNLITXTN) and TXTPLUSCL are open to Globe Prepaid only
  • Only text to Globe subscribers is covered by UNLITXT, UNLITXTD, UNLITXTN and TXTPLUSCL. Text to TM subscribers is considered text to other networks
  • For G2P subscribers, a registered Postpaid subscriber will be able to use Globes Unlimited Texting Services even if he/she shifts to Prepaid mode via G2P. No need to register again
  • Text INFO to 2870 for FREE.
  • Minimum P1 balance is required

  • Globe SULITXT15
    P10 for 3 minutes globe calls philippines
  • SULITXT15 for 1 day - Globe Prepaid subscribers will be able to send 100 Globe-to-Globe Text Messages good for 1 whole day with Globe Sulitxt!
  • Text GSULITXT 15 to 2868 to register!
  • Activation is within 6 hours from registration.
  • Please wait for the confirmation message that will be sent to you regarding activation.
  • P15 will be automatically deducted from your account upon registration.
  • A minimum of P15 load is required for registration and the system will not be able to process your request if your load is below P15
  • You need to maintain a P1 minimum balance in order to continuously enjoy your Globe SULITXT subscription
  • Text GSULITXT to 2868 for more information.


    1. Is there a minimum load balance to avail of Globe's Tawag236?

      You only need PhP20.00 in your account to avail of Tawag236. If you don't have at least PhP20.00 load, you will not be able to make the call.

    2. What will be the rate if my call goes over 20 minutes?

      Your call will be terminated at the end of the 20th minute. You will need to redial to resume the conversation this time at the regular rate. You can also avail of Tawag236 again.

    3. How much will I be charged if my call is under 20 minutes?

      You will be charged the full PhP20 even if the call is under 20 minutes.

    4. Is there a maximum number of times I can avail of Tawag236?

      No, you can avail of Tawag236 as often as you want as long as you have at least PhP20.00 in your account to make the call.



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